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Shenzhen's portable LCD TV with NES emulation is lawsuit-errific

Nilay Patel

We have no idea how Shenzhen is going to be able to market this 8.4-inch LCD TV with built-in NES games / emulation in the States without a little amorous attention from Nintendo's lawyers, but seeing as the PDVD8088 apparently has been certified by the FCC, it looks like the unit may indeed be headed for our fair shores. Other than the NES features -- and included controller -- you're really not looking at much, here: built-in DVD player, MPEG4 compatibility, SD radio, FM transmitter, and USB ports so you can play media off flash drives. No word on price, but something tells us Shenzhen might have to jack it up a little when the Big N comes calling.

[Via PMP Today]

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