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DS Daily: Z-cell


For obvious reasons, today's daily question is aimed squarely at those of you who still have physical copies of Zelda cartridges. I have a bunch of Zelda games on cartridge myself, and have since The Legend of Zelda first went up for sale.

But the copy of NES Zelda I currently have is not my first copy. The battery died on that one back when new copies of the game were still available. It's been replaced a couple of times, and the "NES Classics" grey-cartridge version is still holding on.

These games were replaced, of course, before I realized that you could change the battery in NES cartridges. It was also back when, if you wanted a triwing screwdriver, you had to go through one of the janky mail-order outfits found in the back of Electronic Gaming Monthly instead of some janky dude on eBay.

Have you had a similar issue? Has your NES Zelda cartridge forgotten how you totally beat the second quest? Have you had to replace your Link to the Past, or its battery? And, for a bonus question, can you name at least one other item in video gaming that, annoyingly, requires constant replacement of CR2032 batteries?

You kids and your flash memory. You don't know how good you have it!

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