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Guildwatch: The most important thing

Mike Schramm

Guild drama is a lot like falling in love. It's the most cliche thing in the world-- everyone's been through it before, usually more than once. But when it happens to you, it seems like there's nothing more important. When you're the one cursing out your guildleader on Vent for giving the loot to his friend instead of the person who rolled 100 on it (you), you feel like you're the only person this has ever happened to in this way.

And that's why I love writing Guildwatch, your weekly look at drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realms. We can't cover everything, but we can absolutely cover everything you send to us-- tips go to Hit the link below to see who fell not in love, but out of their guild this week.


  • I didn't get many cool kill shots, but there were two really good ones sent in by Twilight's Call over on Blackhand-- the Magtheridon kill is seen above. Since then, they've dropped the Lurker Below (grats!) and I'm told they're seeking Shamans (Resto and Elemental), a Hunter, and a Holy Pally.
  • Here's another cool killshot from Knights of the Runes on Azjol-Nerub. Interesting effect. Screenshot by Youradhere, photoshopped by Kazariah, both Rogues. Isn't that interesting-- I wonder what the most artistic class in the game is.
  • Midnight Brigade, formerly of Jadenar, transferred over to Lightninghoof to, we're told, "become the top raiding guild." Yeah because that's real easy to do. The guildleader did have some ideas on how to do it, though the rest of the server didn't really vibe.
  • Sweet, sweet couples drama. Vicarious of Uldaman-A was rolling right along-- up until a woman named Magenta /gkicked someone during an argument, and it made people so angry that they /gquit in protest. Apparently the person /gkicked got invited back into the guild, and Magenta wasn't having none of that, so she took her husband with her and left the guild and the server. Then, the guild leader decided to skip out on the guild (with the guild bank, his alt, in tow), and it was default guild drama apocalypse from there-- core raider started skipping town left and right, and eventually the person placed in charge of the guild after the GL left, Galford, disbanded the whole thing, and people logged in to find themselves guildless. They're picking up the pieces-- apparently they're reformed as Alliance Underground, and are looking for another Alliance guild to merge with and run the post-Kara game. If you've got a guild on Uldaman-A, I'd take 'em-- at least you know they won't /gquit out and transfer servers on you, right?
  • An "angry screed" from Blackwater Raiders. As our tipster says, "it's not the most dramatic, but hey, it's an RP server." On second thought, I have no idea what he means.
  • The Wanderers on Uther-H have cleared Karazhan and killed HKM and Gruul. Void Reaver and Mag are on notice. Also, even though they're 80%-20% US/Aussie, they're having a guild meetup in Australia! Wild!
  • Winchester, that 70 Paladin tank from Leftovers on Shattered Halls, who I got in an argument with a while back, emailed to say he has now solo tanked Attumen. Pretty impressive, I have to say. He says Ghostly Stewards are next-- "if all healers are overhealing," he tells me, "this might work."
  • Natural Born Slayers and Reign in Blood (that's as in "rainin' blood," right?), both on EU Nordrassil, teamed up like a big superhero team to go into Karazhan. They dropped Midnight and Attumen, and gave both Moroes and Maiden a stern beating. And here's the kicker: no Warrior in the raid at all. So who tanked? Druid? Pally? (ugh) Or.. a Shaman? I'd like to see an Enhance Shaman main tanking an instance-- someone make a video and send it to me please, thanks in advance.
  • Ambiguous Raiders on Khaz Modan has cleared Kara and made HKM eat floor. Gruul, you're on notice. Time to pick up that life insurance-- someone's got to look out for those Sons after you're gone.
  • Dark Hand of Justice on Boulderfist dropped Gruul. Rock on! Get it? Rock? Shatter? No? They're also looking for some mature Shadow Priests, so if you are one, look them up.
  • Faint Memory on Feathermoon-A is looking for more to tackle 25-man content. Currently Kara is three days a week, but they're aiming to make it two and to head to Gruul's on the last day. All classes welcome, but please have Vent, an open mind, and a thick skin.
  • Knights and Weekends on Kirin Tor-A (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) calls themselves the guild "for the time-constrained serious gamer." They're looking for Shamans, Paladins, Priests, and Warlocks-- srsly!
  • Sonic Death Monkey on Eitrigg-H is looking for Holy Priests and Paladins. They're working on SSC and TK, and they ask that you have T4 or equivalent armor already please.
  • Ogg Gulnath Tago on Vek'nilash is 2/4 in TK and 5/6 in SSC, and they're seeking a Resto and Elemental Shaman, a Shadow Priest, a Resto Druid, and a Holy Paladin. Plus, you know they're good people, because they've got our stories on their main page.
  • House of Thunder on Burning Legion-A is looking for level 70s of all classes and raiding experience to fill out their Karazhan teams. They are fun, and family oriented.
  • Defenders of Zen on Whisperwind-A says they're recruiting all classes to get "back into KZ and beyond." Which brings up an interesting question: why did they leave in the first place?
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, have a great Brewfest, down some more bosses (we were really light on downing news this week, though we had a lot of downtime for the patches, too), and as always, happy raiding!

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