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RCA Jet Stream, Kleer wireless headphones hit the FCC


We got a chance to check out RCA's Jet Stream MP3 player and accompanying Kleer wireless headphones way back at CES in January, but it looks like they've both now finally landed in the FCC's hands, which means we should be seeing an actual launch before too long. The player itself is a pretty basic deal, with a tiny OLED screen, 1GB of storage, an FM tuner, and a promised 12 hours of battery life -- not to mention a less than eye-catching design. The real interest is in the headphones (check 'em out after the break), which use Kleer's proprietary technology instead of Bluetooth to wirelessly shoot tunes over a distance of 5 to 6 feet. As we found out for ourselves at CES, the quality turned out to be surprisingly good, with no interference even in a place flooded with RF signals. What's more, assuming nothing has changed in the past few months, you can expect to pay just $129 for the combo. Still no official word on a release date though.

Read - RCA Jet Stream FCC filing
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