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Belkin intros n52te SpeedPad gaming keyboard


Belkin certainly took its time producing a successor to its Nostromo n52 gaming keyboard, but it looks like the company has now finally gotten its ergonomic act together, with it today showing off its new and slightly improved n52te SpeedPad for all to see. Designed to be equally adept at FPS, MMORPG, and RTS games, the SpeedPad boasts 15 fully programmable keys that are "built for speed," along with a programmable 8-way thumb pad and a removable joystick. Also new this time around is some nifty blue backlighting on the keypad and scroll wheel, as well as some software courtesy of the gaming-minded folks at Razer. Look for it to set you back $70 when it launches in November, although 50 gamers will get a chance to take home one for free as part of Belkin's "Proud to PWN" contest, which requires gamers to submit a video of themselves that "showcases their dominance in multiplayer, online PC games."

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