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Gaming on Zune? Not anytime soon


Those of you looking forward to gaming on your Zune (all seven of you) are likely to be disappointed by the following news. Zune guru (and former Xbox guru) J Allard revealed to GamaSutra that there are currently no plans to integrate games into Microsoft's MP3 player (where have we heard that before?). Allard noted that the speed of innovation in the portable market makes games a "tricky proposition." In other words, new versions of MP3 players come out so often (see the latest Zunes above for example) that compatibility becomes and issue. Not only that, but control interfaces change all the time too, so playing an old game on a new player could be physically impossible. Allard doesn't rule out the possibility entirely, noting that XNA could be a factor for portable gaming. He concludes, however, that "Zune isn't playing Halo 3 anytime soon."

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