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Halo 3 tourney aims to 'Finish the Fight' against breast cancer

Dan Dormer

Usually, that $5 or $10 entry into the campus Halo tournament ends up funding one of two things: a frat party's Natty Light Beer Pong Extravaganza (togas optional), or a super fan's commission of a Master Chief oil painting from the quirky, "she's funny" art major he wishes could be more than a friend. However, there are more philanthropic options out there that combine shotguns and plasma rifles with medical research and saving lives.

We're talking about The Cavegirls Present: Fight Like a Girl, the Halo 3 tournament where all the proceeds go to fight breast cancer. Taking place on October 20, the only requirements beyond owning a copy of the game, and having an Xbox Live Gold account, is forking over the $10 entry fee.

As an added bonus, part of the rules include a no-asshole policy: "trash talking, racial slurs, sexist remarks, and other insulting comments" can constitute a DQ. Helping out a good cause and insurance the people you're playing with aren't the normal Live plebes? Sounds good to us.

[Via Bungie.]

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