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John Carmack ponders Orcs & Elves on Wii


"Maybe we will do a Wii version next... with a magic wand."

Those were the words of John Carmack, CTO and co-founder of id Software. While his company has made their fortune in the PC sector, the company has also outsourced development for some of its titles for gaming consoles, as well as most recently entering the mobile phone market. Now, they're bringing one of their mobile phone games, Orcs & Elves, to the DS.

But, John apparently thinks the game could do well on the Wii. Having never played Orcs & Elves before, we're looking forward to the DS installment. Still, the premise of utilizing the Wiimote as a wand, casting spells and cleaning up dungeons, is one we can get behind.

Any of you play Orcs & Elves before? Think the game can be adapted for the Wii?

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