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New York City taxi drivers threaten to strike... again


The New York Taxi Workers Alliance is at it again! According to reports, the group that was responsible for the September 5th walkout of cab drivers in New York City is once again planning to call for a strike, slated for October 22nd, and this time around, the striking taxi drivers say they will "get in the face" of cabbies who choose to work. If you'll recall, the initial strike was over the installation of GPS units which would monitor pickup and drop-off points of the drivers (as well as provide credit card services, entertainment, and news for passengers), but the Alliance seems to be changing its tune. The group is now lobbying for city-funded health care, a pension fund, and official recognition as a union. "They have pushed us further and further up against the wall so that it's not just about the technology and economics," Executive Director Bhairavi Desai said. "It's about something even greater." Meanwhile, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg seemed undisturbed by the news, saying that the city is ready. Coming soon: Taxi Strike, a movie of the week.

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