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Codemasters bringing pirates, wizards, and dragons to Wii, DS

Jason Dobson

Codemasters has announced a deal with Templar Publishing to release a series of games based on the multi-million selling 'Ology series of faux encyclopedias for the Wii and Nintendo DS late next year. The agreement includes the first three books in the series, Dragonology, Wizardology and Pirateology, with the former expected to ship first in the second half of 2008.

While details are scarce, we know that the Wii version of each title will take a more action-oriented approach to the source material, while the DS will get more 'explorative' games, described by Codemasters as 'interactive books.'

The latter certainly makes sense, though does it strike anyone else as odd that encyclopedias, even fantasy encyclopedias, are being made into action games? The books themselves are really amazing works, but it's anyone's guess how this material will be translated into an interactive format.

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