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Crysis' console future reliant on PC version's success

Jason Dobson

Frankfurt-based developer Crytek has a history of flopping back and forth as to whether or not its eye-melting FPS Crysis could or could not ever make its way to the console market, first stating that the Xbox 360 and PS3 were unqualified to handle Crysis, before switching gears and saying "we could do it if we wanted to." Now, however, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli has set the record straight, stating that while "you cannot get Crysis as it is on PC on any console," the company could consider doing a console port depending on how well the game's PC release is received this November.

Yerli comments that the company believes the spec-heavy first-person shooter will be "at least as strong as Far Cry" at retail, though he personally edges his hopes a bit higher, noting that this would give the studio reason to believe Crysis could be successful on consoles as well. Given that console gamers have at least a passing fancy with first-person shooters, we think the game would do just fine.

Even so, the developer openly admits that like Far Cry before it, corners would have to be cut in terms of level design and UI in order to create "a derivative Crysis and optimize it for the Xbox 360 and PS3," echoing a similar report from January this year. However, he adds that the team would work to keep the game's sophistication intact. Honestly, we had no idea Crysis was so highbrow.

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