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Dalaran might be Alliance-only

David Bowers

Sorun is a rogue who loves his Horde-Alliance conflict. As he posted on the forums, he feels that every action and little quest in the World of Warcraft should reflect the reality of War that exists in that world, not the good old intra-faction get-together that Shattrath has turned out to be. If Dalaran is going to be a neutral city in Wrath of the Lich King, however, it could really mess up the lore and war-filled feeling of the game:

Neutral Dalaran? How does that even make any sense when horde to this day have quests to go attack the ruins of dalaran and can and have been freely killing the wizzards [sic] all around that area.
He's got a point there. What is Blizzard really going to do with Dalaran in the next expansion? Read on to see what Blizzard says about it.

Dalaran has always been on the side of the alliance, but ever since Shattrath came out with The Burning Crusade, players have kinda gotten the feeling that Blizzard didn't want to put all the work of designing separate Horde and Alliance cities into every expansion, and we assumed that Dalaran would just open its doors to everyone in the face of imminent threats from the Scourge and other enemies. This doesn't really fit in with the lore very well, though, and it seems an inelegant resolution to the problem. Fortunately, Drysc popped in to tell us:

It's a bit too early to say if it's going to be like Shattrath. I wouldn't get too upset about it until it's actually designed and we can tell you what it's going to be like.
Unleash the barrage of questions! If Dalaran is Alliance-only, then what would new city would the Horde get? What kind of Horde city would be just as cool as a magical city floating in the sky? What if Sylvanas led an attack and took over one of the Scourge's flying necropolises? Or, what if they invaded the ancient caves of Azjol'Nerub, found some of the spider-like Nerubians who rejected the lich king, and formed together to create a new underground city?

Personally I would love something different for each faction -- not only would it provide more lore and interesting conflict, but it would help reduce the lag that comes from everyone in the game hanging out in the same small area.

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