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Hands-on with DirecTV's new HD channels

Ben Drawbaugh

No matter how many channels satellite providers have, to some people it just isn't an option; whether it's because you don't have line of sight or you just can't throw out your HD TiVo for their alternative. But there's no denying DirecTV and Dish are the HD leaders. So, for those who don't have 'em, we spent some time taking a few pics of the latest HD channels. Some channels required us to wait a long time before we saw any HD on them, while others have quite a bit. It's still kind of hard to tell what will be in HD, as the guide data isn't usually accurate. We're hoping these are just early bugs and eventually they'll all be 24x7 HD goodness, but for now, we're just happy when they don't bring us stretch-o-vision.

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