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HD from Apple coming soon?

Ben Drawbaugh

Since the Apple TV was announced and included the so called requirement for an HDTV, we've been waiting for Apple to add HD content to the iTunes store. But here we are ten months later and the only HD available via iTunes is in the form of HD Podcasts. Apple got our hopes up a few weeks ago when they sent us this Podcast Spotlight, which highlighted HD. The latest rumor is now proclaiming that we can expect to see HD from Apple soon, and as much as we want to believe it, we're not so sure. The sticking point for us, is the iPods. You see, none of them support HD, so if Apple made shows and movies available in HD, they'd only play on your computer or the Apple TV. The biggest advantage that Apple has over other download services is portability and HD would limit that. What would really be lame, is if Apple started selling HD movies, but required you to pay twice if you wanted to play it both in HD on your Apple TV and on your iPod. What they'll do is anyone's guess, but we'd still like to see some HD from Apple -- even though it wouldn't include discrete surround sound.

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