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Show and Tell: Zelda week, day five


It's been a long week filled with Zeldalicious fun, but it has to end sometime. While the themed coverage will continue through Sunday, this is the last of our week long edition of Show and Tell. We're as sad as you are, and we didn't even get through everyone's submissions! If you didn't see your stuff featured here, don't fret -- we'll continue to take our weekly look at your gaming gear, and so there's still plenty of chances for us to revisit some of this week's submissions.

As for today's edition, we wanted to focus on the biggest and the best -- and that means collections. Some of you had some really nice sets of Zelda gear, and this day's for you. Check out the gallery below to see everything, including half of reader Kimya's collection. Yes, half -- the other half is back home in Spain, but she has a Flickr set she keeps adding things to as well. We said wow.


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