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Universal finally launches HD DVD website

Steven Kim

Just as Blu-ray gets BD-J rolling (more or less), wouldn't you know it, HD DVD gets some HDi press courtesy Universal. The UniversalHiDef site we told you about a month ago finally launched, and is all ready to bring you more extra feature goodness via the interwebs. In addition to downloadable content, the website lets you share clips with your friends and get support for any nasty error codes. But the feature that gets top billing is all about "monetization," folks. U-Shop allows viewers to shop for items they seen onscreen right from the movie, pushing product placement from an advertisement- to a catalog-model. Sure, it's a potentially gaudy bit of "progress," but maybe we'll finally be able to answer a question we've had since seeing "The Big Lebowski" -- how much would it cost to "get a toe?"

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