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New Hallow's End non-combat pet: the Sinister Squashling

Dan O'Halloran

Looks like the Headless Horseman of WoW's upcoming Hallow's End seasonal event has another treat up his sleeve. Included on his loot table along with Flying Brooms and purple rings is a new non-combat pet, the Sinister Squashling.

Defeating the Horseman for this evil little gourd is no easy feat. It requires a full group of L70s, one of which needs a Daily Quest given out only during the Hallow's End event. Once the Horseman is defeated in the Scarlet Monastery graveyard instance, the new pet then only has a 25% or so chance of dropping.

For you pet completist out there, this is a must have. For everyone else, it definitely tops the cool list. Hallow's End is scheduled to begin October 18 and run daily through November 1.

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