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Add/Edit calendar functionality coming to the iPod touch?


Come on, you expect us to believe someone on a forum thread saying that Steve Jobs emailed him directly to say that they'd be adding a feature to one of Apple's products? Well, if that's all it takes, we'll get to it next time. With the evidence being a screengrab of an email from "," David Jearly at the MacRumors forum claims to have definitive proof that the lack of user editing of calendars on the iPod touch is a "bug" that will be fixed in the next update. To us, the absence of an editing option is more than a simple bug, but if it's getting added, then who cares why it wasn't there in the first place. Of course, David Jearly's gonna get himself well and truly stuck in the dunce corner if this doesn't come to fruition.

[Thanks, David and Mike]

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