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FIFA '08 headed to Mac?


Inside Mac Games reports that one of their readers, while registering FIFA '08 for the PC on the Windows side of Boot Camp, noticed that EA has both PC and Mac versions of the uberpopular soccer -- sorry, football -- videogame listed for registration. And that's a pretty good indication, of course, that FIFA '08 is on its way for the Mac.

Personally, I've never really gotten into videogame soccer-- the last soccer game I really loved was Nintendo World Cup way back in 1990. And while I hear that Winning Eleven is the biggest star in the genre right now (although Sensible Soccer, I know, has its fans), FIFA is definitely still competitive. Lots of football fans, I'm sure, would love to see it on the Mac.

So we'll see. Obviously no release date yet (although a good guess would be by the end of '08 -- snicker), and we'll see if EA just slipped up or if they really plan to release this one. But FIFA '08 would be yet another nice addition to the growing line of games for our platform.

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