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Fire up Medal of Honor: Heroes 2


While what we're really interested in with Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is that whole 32-player online multiplayer deal, we're happy to soak up any and all scraps on the WWII title -- and that includes these latest screenshots.

So let's count the reasons we love this next Medal of Honor. First, if it all works out, EA will be giving us a real chance at online multiplayer in a shooter. Second, the arcade mode sounds nothing short of awesome for anyone who likes on-rails shooters, and it offers a different experience than the more free-form campaign mode -- it's almost like getting two games for the price of one! And finally, even if we aren't the biggest fans of war-based games, it's nice to get something a little different every now and then, especially when it shows this much promise. Don't let us down, EA! Even dedicated Nintendo fans need a little variety. It is, after all, the spice of life.


[Via press release]

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