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Forum Post of the Day: The fight to enter Zul'Aman

Amanda Rivera

Patch 2.3 is adding a lot to the game we know as WoW, including a new ten man instance, Zul'Aman. With the addition of this instance, a question arises on the forums: exactly how will players get into the instance with all the chaos that will be going on outside?

By chaos of course I mean PvP. Like the original poster states in the title to his forum post, "one does not simply walk into the Ghostlands." For some this is a concern, for others it points to an exhilarating challenge looming on the horizon. On PvP realms this sort of struggle is common (can we say Ashenvale kids? Come on, say it with me Ashenvale.), but on other realms, PvE or RP, the sudden forced PvP that must inevitably occur outside the gates of Zul'Aman is something dreaded.

Bornakk the Blue replies (wait, you haven't heard of him either?) with what I would expect, nothing committal either way:

We are aware of the location of Zul'aman and players' concerns regarding it, but when this dungeon is available on the PTRs I encourage you to head over and give it a try. There may be some fighting involved but this tends to happy outside of a lot of dungeons already.

Part of me wants to stamp my feet and cry unfair, but most of me just shrugs and realizes that as with much in this game, entering Zul'Aman will require adaptation to new elements of gameplay, some created by the developers, and some created by the players themselves.

Each faction has had instances set within their territories before, within Stormwind and Orgrimmar even, but never was it expected that everyone regardless of faction would be running Ragefire Chasm. Knowing that those on the PvE realms will now be expected to deal with PvP in order to enter the Karazhan 2.0 instance, do you think Blizzard should install a mechanism that gives at least some measure of protection for those that do not want to duke their way into the place?

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