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New textures for Lore-master pets

Dan O'Halloran

The Book 11 content update for Lord of the Rings Online has been dubbed, among other things, the month of the Lore-master. Among the new spells, new pet (go Lynx!) and other goodies is a little surprise for our nature loving friends: new textures for their animal servants.

Using new amulets crafted by Jeweller's, Lore-masters can now summon their animal companions in darker and lighter colors. Confirmed so far on Roheryn, the Preview server:

  • Black Lynx: must be wearing Amulet of Supreme Black Lynx, Neck, BoE, +15 Agility, +29 Might, +15 Fate, Min Lvl 48. Crafted from 4 Misty Mountain Ingots and 2 Polished Beryls.
  • Snow Lynx: similar to Black Lynx amulet
  • Frost Raven: must be wearing Amulet of the Greater Frost Raven, BoE Neck, +7 Will, +4 Vitality, Min Level 23.

Polar bears and black Great Bears have already been reported. Ravens already come in black, so not sure if there is a darker version. The amulet only needs to be worn during the summoning and then can be taken off, so don't fret if the stats don't match your play style. These skin changes don't affect stats, they merely differentiate the pet's looks.

Recipes for the Amulets are reportedly to be found in the new Goblin Town also coming in Book 11. The crafted Amulets are not from crits, but are purple and can be named. This may be a special case for the Preview server and may differ when the recipe goes live.

This visual enhancement for Lore-masters goes a long way for the players. There is much excitement in the community about this. With only three pets to choose from (two before Book 11), these Amulets will help make Lore-masters stand out from each other. Good work, Turbine!

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