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Rumor: 40GB PS3 releases in US on Nov. 2 -- same issues as Euro model


According to The Hollywood Reporter, an "industry source" of theirs says the North American 40GB PS3 model will release on Nov. 2 at $399. Another source reveals Sony has been asking stores to try and clear out existing PS3 inventory by the November date. Just like the controversial European 40GB PS3 model, the North American model will also allegedly not be backwards compatible with the PS2.

Now that it looks like the NA 40GB PS3 will have the same issues as its Euro counterpart, we can't wait to hear Sony America's rationale on this, considering the European explanation was a bit lacking. Aeropause had a strong piece this weekend on their issues about this new PS3. They said, "So why is this the worst idea to ever come from Sony? Because it basically brings the PlayStation 3 back to its absolute zero starting point with its biggest unserved fan base -- the PS2 owners who have held out because of price ... It's no longer an 'upgrade' or a 'replacement' for the PS2, giving them pride in their brand loyalty, it's a brand new machine that stands alone and doesn't replace anything at all." Now we wait for the official announcement from Sony America and watch how they'll craft the message that gamers should focus on the "65 titles" for the PS3.

[Via GameDaily]

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