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Fatal Intertia definitely coming to PS3 in 2008

Jem Alexander

Remember Fatal Intertia? The once PS3-exclusive that went feral, lost its PS3 release date and became a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360? Well apparently it's definitely still in production for the PS3. Koei have revealed that the game will finally be released sometime in 2008. As far as release dates go, that's pretty broad. The PS3 version will also utilise SIXAXIS controls.

While it is nice to know that development is still going ahead, we're more looking forward to Wipeout HD than Fatal Inertia. With a release date as vague as "2008", we're not going to hold our breath. If you're excited about the game, however, then rest safe in the knowledge that you'll be playing it soon. Well - within the next year at least.

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