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Rumor: Fear Effect 3 may exist after all

Nick Doerr

If you remember the old PlayStation One Fear Effect games, you remember a pretty decent gaming experience, laced with some edgy lesbian main characters. They were probably a few years ahead of their time, but there was planned a third Fear Effect title but it was lost in production and canned. Now, with the advent of a movie adaptation (with the tremendous talent of Uwe Boll at the head ... learn to read sarcasm!) in 2008, rumors are resurfacing of a third Fear Effect title on the current generation of consoles.

In some magazine talking about the movie, there's a quote somewhat along those lines. Eidos Interactive is bringing the series back from the grave. Still, this is no way an official announcement from Eidos, but rumors propagated by some sort of Hollywood movie magazine. We'll figure it out once Eidos tosses out an official statement, but there are bound to be some people excited by this prospect!

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