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Warhammer closed beta going offline until December

Mike Schramm

If you're lucky enough to be involved in the Warhammer Online closed beta, get ready to not be in it for two months-- TwoTonHammer reports that Mythic is shutting down the reported WoW-killer for an extended period, from October to December.

Bad news for WAR fans? Maybe, maybe not. An extended vacation could mean that Mythic isn't happy with what's happening so far (though obviously they haven't given any public indication that that's the case). Or it could mean, as TTH notes, that this is just what the doctor ordered to turn WAR from a good game into a really great game.

At any rate, we're not finding out which it is anytime soon-- the servers are reopening in December 2007, and if there is in fact an open beta (there will be, won't there?), it obviously won't happen until after that. More like Waithammer, amirite!?

[ via Keen and Graev ]

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