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Pokemon Farm, Crystal Chronicles game revealed for Wii Ware

Ross Miller

Finally, some Wii Ware titles with less-than-sketchy origins. At today's press conference in Japan, Nintendo has announced a handful of downloadable titles that will be coming to its Wii Ware service when it launches in Japan this March. Pokemon Bokujou (which translates to Pokemon Farm, according to IGN), will have you raise the pokemon you have captured and transferred from Pearl and Diamond on - you guessed it - a farm.

Also revealed was a new iteration of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series from Square Enix. In The Young King and the Promised Land, you build your own country. No other details were revealed; Nintendo is touting this as an exclusive title for Wii Ware.

Star Soldier R, Doctor Mario (why isn't this a Virtual Console release?) and the Bandai Namco word puzzler Mojipittan Wii were also announced.

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