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Pride, hair on the line for 2007 Zune holiday sales

Evan Blass

Not that covering this industry is ever exactly boring, but when key players like SanDisk spokesperson Carm Lyman offer to put something valuable on the line -- in this case, her flowing locks -- in preparation for the holiday sales figures, well, we can't help but get drawn in. The last time we saw two high profile figures engaged in an entertaining wager Microsoft's J Alllard had to sport N'Gai Croal-esque dreadlocks, and now Lyman is matching ZDnet columnist David Berlind's pledge to go bald if Zune is able to overtake Sansa in domestic sales. Berlind originally made the proposal in response to a Robbie Bach claim that Microsoft would snatch the coveted number two position from SanDisk after the upcoming holiday season, which would require a daunting 7% improvement in market share and leapfrogging over Creative. So far Bach hasn't responded to the challenge -- he has until October 31st -- which makes us think that he isn't really all that confident in his assertion, or perhaps just preoccupied with more, um, important matters.

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