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Puzzle Quest and Yaris now on XBLA


Today is an interesting day for Xbox Live Arcade. We have two new games available, both of which have someting unique to bring to the service. First, there's Puzzle Quest, which is a combination of a role playing game and a puzzle game. Every time players do battle with a monster, they do so by playing a round of Bejeweled. See? Interesting, no? Yaris, on the other hand, presents XBLA with its first advergame. If you're not hip to the latest cars, a Yaris is a vehicle from Toyota. If a free game featuring said vehicle is enough to make you consider purchasing one, then we suppose those marketers will be getting a hefty Christmas bonus this year. You should probably know that a real Yaris won't drive up walls and on ceilings though. Puzzle Quest may be had for the always controversial price of 1200 MS Points. Yaris, as we mentioned above, is free.

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