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Rumor: Team ICO project explores The Last Canyon

Ross Miller

Though we haven't been able to obtain a copy and confirm, the latest issue of Game Informer is rumored to have a feature piece on Shadow of the Colossus developer Team Ico's latest PS3 title. The game, reportedly called The Last Canyon, will have you exploring a desert similar to Death Valley, searching for "something" (that part not revealed yet).

The protagonist's method of transportation will consist of a simple, non-motorized glider that you can mount and dismount. From the alleged excerpt: "From what we've seen there's never before been that feeling of flying around in the sky, combined with this scale of environment."

Clever rumor or legitimate clipping? We won't know until the next GI hits newsstands.

Update: The original source of the rumor doesn't lend it much credibility. We'll just go back to begging Ueda to hurry up then.

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