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Wii Japan getting DS downloads, contest channels

Jason Dobson

Come this November, Wii owners in Japan won't have to venture into the wilds of the internet for information on upcoming games or go down to the local retail chain to try out the latest DS titles, as Nintendo has announced plans to launch the Minna no Nintendo Channel (Everybody's Nintendo Channel), promising to turn the Wii into a Nintendo DS Station retail kiosk for the living room.

According to IGN, this latest channel in the Wii's arsenal, which was announced during Nintendo's 2007 Fall press conference in Japan, will offer promo videos for upcoming games, as well as allow players to download playable demos, though the report only mentions DS demos at this time, solidifying the linkage between both the Wii and Nintendo's touchable handheld.

Just the same, we remain thrilled to see Nintendo warming up to the idea of demos, and are hopeful that this could open the door for a similar treatment for Wii games, though sooner rather than later would be nice. In addition, the channel will also include a bit of social networking, allowing players to search for information on games based on data provided by other Wii users.

While less exciting, the Minna no Nintendo Channel will also be joined by the Mii Contest Channel this November in Japan as well, offering a place where players can show off their Mii creations, as well as vote on and even take home other people's Miis. While no release date for either channel has been announced for the U.S. or Europe, we've informed Dr. Zoidberg and he's already packed his bags.

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