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WoW Insider's Brewfest Giveaway!

Mike Schramm

It's Brewfest time-- the Dwarves of Azeroth are completely soused (oh no wait, that's every week), and we're also partaking in the drinking activities here at WoW Insider-- don't worry, we're all above 21. Well, level 21 anyway.

The crew at DC Unlimited also want to join the fun, and they've sent us this terrific Thargas Anvilmar, one of their Warcraft action figures, to give to one of you lucky readers. He's a striking Dwarf Warrior wielding a mean two hander and wearing a full set of Tier 5. It's the perfect piece to add to your Warcraft toy-- whoops, excuse me-- collectible collection. And it's not even set to be released until October 24th, so you get a chance to win it early!

To enter, just throw a comment on this post by Friday, October 12th, telling us what your favorite drink is for Brewfest. It doesn't have to be an alcohol of some kind-- tea is brewed, but then again, only sissy-pants High Elves drink tea. Whatever your drink is, put it in a comment on this post (one comment per reader, US only-- sorry, we've got to ship it to you, age 18 and up), and we'll choose one randomly on Friday to win this great toy-- sorry again, Action Figure. The comment must be left by Friday at 3pm EST. You can enter only once and only one winner will be selected randomly to win the figure (valued at $30). Official rules are here. Good luck!

Update: Time's up! Check your email if you entered-- we're choosing one comment randomly to win the figure.

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