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A list of Shaman tricks and tips

Dan O'Halloran

I love finding resources like this list of Shaman tricks on the EU forums. It's little tips like these that separate the good players from the great players. You know the players I'm talking about. They're the ones who make you want to roll one of their class because they're doing such a great job. Yeah, I think they all posted on this thread.

The post is divided into three sections: general, PvP and PvE. The PvE section is further divided by raid zone. And it never hurts to show off how good you are at playing your class during a raid.

Some highlights after the jump.

  • Earth Shield heals depending on the +heal you have when you cast it, not when it procs. This is why in important fights you should take the trouble of equipping your best +heal gear, put down Wrath of Air totem and cast it, then go back to the gear you will actually use in the fight (which might be mp5 oriented for example)
  • Poison cleansing and tremor totems tick when put down. As such to break a team mates fear just drop one near them. Same with poison cleansing. It's sometimes worth spamming poison cleansing totem to remove multiple effects quickly.
  • You can use Searing Totem to force opponents to enter combat, for instance when you see a warrior running up to you. He'll be forced to intercept instead.
  • Fighting rogues: If you see a rogue stealthing coming for you drop the searing totem poison cleansing totem grace of air and STONECLAW totem and move away form them like 10 yards. The rogue will sap you and then go destroy the totems, the stun will give you time to go out and frostshock him.
  • Select a mob/boss which can cast heals etc and type /focus. Then using the macro "/cast [Target=Focus] Earth Shock(Rank 1)", you are able to interrupt the mob immediately, without having to deselect the tank/raid members you are currently healing. (Very useful on the Fathomlord Encounter vs the Healer). Would also work with purge to allow you to remove buffs from bosses without having to select them.
Do you have any tricks you've learned as a battle-hardened shaman you want to share? Lay them on me because reading this list makes me want to fire up my Draenei Shammie to explore the new Dustwallow Marsh revamp coming in Patch 2.3.

EDIT: Fixed spelling mistake quoted from original post.

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