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Apple Store Sydney storefront leaked


The Sydney Morning Herald has been doing a little poking around the city council blueprints office, and they've come back with an artists' representation of what the new Apple Store will look like there-- a huge glass cube, basically, embedded in the building. A few people who sent it to us (thanks!) said there was supposed to be a huge Apple hanging in the window, but I don't see it. I believe it'll be there, though-- the New York store has a similar design, and the SMH article does mention that big white Apple logo.

It also mentions that Apple is going to stick a huge crane in the street to set up all that glass, and that the store will have three full levels, with the top level going to the Genius Bar. Also nice to see that Apple is tight-lipped about mentioning the store to the newspaper, making them (I'm pretty sure) the only company ever to keep the lid shut on an upcoming retail location. I'm sure the folks from Wal-mart would love to chat with the media about one of their new stores.

Still, it'll be nice for you Aussies to have somewhere to go and get your iPhones, MacBooks, and Cinema Displays-- the UK store has already hit 10 million visitors. Word is that the Sydney store will open sometime after mid-2008.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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