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New hardware MEGATON: Logitech's Wii keyboard


Yesterday, after the update enabling USB keyboards in the web browser was released, Logitech mentioned that they'd be releasing a special Wii keyboard. We immediately got the crazy idea of a keyboard with a Wii pointer built in, so you can point and click by waving the keyboard around. It was a weirdly practical, and fun, idea.

But as always, reality is less awesome than our controller fantasies. Logitech announced that their "new" USB keyboard will be ... the Classic Keyboard 200. (pictured above). They added a blurb to the Japanese product page that mentions that it's been tested with the Wii browser and found to work. Which means that you can get the new Wii peripheral right now, because it's just their basic USB keyboard. It only seems to be available in white in Japan, however. Importing might be worth it for you, because in addition to the color, the logo will say "Logicool" (Logitech's Japanese name) which we find hilarious.

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