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NHL Network prepares for US launch

Darren Murph

It's a fantastic, albeit hectic time to be a sports fan right now, as there just seems to be too many good matchups going on to truly enjoy them all. Additionally, the NHL season is just now getting underway, and for those who eat, sleep and breath cross-checking, we've got stellar news. Reportedly, the 24-hour NHL Network will launch on several communications outlets this month, including Comcast, DirectTV and Dish Network. All told, it should be available to around 75 million homes across the US, but exact launch dates on the aforementioned carriers have yet to be pinpointed. Notably, Dish Network stated that it was targeting October 17th as the channel's first on-air date, and a spokesperson even mentioned that it would "only be available in high-definition." Hey, it won't hurt our feelings.

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