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Blu-ray and HD DVD executives clash at DisplaySearch, albeit mildly

Darren Murph

When the two camps come together at a certain venue, there's typically some sort of fireworks display. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on perspective), HD DVD and Blu-ray execs managed to mostly keep their cool when facing each other at the HDTV DisplaySearch conference. Interestingly, Don Eklund, executive VP of advanced technologies for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, actually stated that the chances of HD flicks (rather than just Blu-ray, mind you) not succeeding was "pretty slim," also noting that while there were "obstacles in getting consumers to appreciate it, [HD would] inevitably roll." Additionally, Alan Bell, executive VP and CTO at Paramount Pictures, proclaimed that "each of the formats creates great picture and sound," but suggested that web interactivity was necessary to truly get people hooked. Of course, there were a few harmless shots taken from each side, but it seems like the camps were on their best behavior at this one.

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