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Google Maps gets cozy with N95's internal GPS

Chris Ziegler

Google Maps is good -- some might say great, actually -- but one of the biggest beefs from the get-go was its inability to use GPS receivers, and when it finally "supported" them, many didn't work. Symbian-Guru had obviously been circling the Google Maps camp like a hawk (as have many N95 owners), waiting for the day that the Nokia superphone's integrated GPS would work. Don't get us wrong, Nokia Maps is a fine application, but Google Maps has a certain mystique about it (traffic and satellite imagery, perhaps?) that make it worthwhile, too. Anyhoo, there's a native version of Google Maps for the N95 available immediately, featuring the aforementioned GPS support plus a direct save-to-contacts feature that's sure to see some heavy use. Grab it now!

[Via Symbian-Guru]

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