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Is it the Orange Box? Non, c'est La Bote Orange!


Our United States readers may not know this (we didn't), but in Canada companies are required to apply both English and French labeling to all products. Apparently this is a cause of great frustration among some folks. Being disconnected from the whole thing, we find it amusing. For example, if you live up north and plan on snagging a copy of The Orange Box, you're going to have to look very closely. As you can see, the French title for the game takes prominence on the packaging. Why Electronic Arts decided to go this route we don't know, but we have a sneaking suspicion. See, La Boîte Orange (LA BWOT OHRAWNJ) is just more fun to say. Try it: La Boîte Oraaaaaaaange. Feels good, doesn't it?

[Thanks, xenocidic. Image credit: MattBrett]

[Update: Looks like the labeling law covers all of Canada, not just Quebec. Corrections made.]

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