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Hunter deadzone will soon be DoA

Dan O'Halloran

That's right. You heard me. No more hunter deadzone soon. Don't believe me? Here's the quote from none other than Kalgan himself:

We're planning to shrink the min range on ranged attacks to reduce or eliminate the "dead zone". The only point to the dead zone was to ensure the min range on ranged weapons was enough such that ranged weapon attacks wouldn't be used while also being melee'd (at least by mobs... players have a bit of slush built in).

Players are understandably elated. For those who don't play Hunters, the deadzone is an area that other players could stand in that was too far for the Hunter to melee and too close for the Hunter to use a ranged attack. This vulnerability in the Hunter's ability to deal damage is often used against them in PvP.

It's surprising that after all this time Blizzard is finally addressing this long overdue class flaw. But coming on the heels of all the other massive class changes in Patch 2.3, perhaps it's not so surprising at all.

The only thing missing from this announcement is what Patch it will happen in. I'm sure the Hunters' cries of elation will soon turn to demands for swift implementation. But don't hold your breath. Patch 2.3 currently on the PTR is very large and will take at least a month or two to go live. If that happens right before the holidays, don't expect a new patch until well into January and for that one to go live in February or March depending on its size.

Thanks to Jeff from Serious Guild for the tip!

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