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New McFarlane toys include armor variant Chiefs

Dustin Burg

Todd McFarlane has been busy high atop McFarlane Towers (which is a bit more fancy than Fanboy Towers) trying to figure out new ways to capitalize on Halo 3 fanboys' love of his ever increasing collection of Halo 3 action figures. And his persistence paid off, because he came up with two new money making ideas ... the use of color and armor permutations.

Just announced are five new Master Chief action figures (all viewable in the gallery below) that include Master Chief sporting Mark VI armor in red, blue and white, a red blue C.Q.B. armored Spartan and a blue red E.V.A. armored Spartan too. All five newly announced figures will be available March 2008 and some will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart or specialty stores nationwide. McFarlane, you little entrepreneur you.


[Thanks, TMD]

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