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NoLA promises 3.6Gbps download rates

Darren Murph

In case you're not tired of seeing high-speed promises for 4G networks, along comes yet another from South Korea that could "enable users to download data at 3.6-gigabits per second while moving at 3-kilometers per hour or slower. Dubbed NoLA, which translates out to New Nomadic Local Area Wireless Access, the technology should allow folks to "download a disc full of data in under two seconds." Choi Mun-kee, head of the Daejeon-based institute, stated that NoLA data transmissions far surpass the "international 4G benchmark for slow-moving users," and Minister of Information and Communications Yoo Young-hwan threw in his two pennies by suggesting that it could one day "be applied to home networking and internet protocol TV or IPTV." Now, if only South Korea was closer to America...

[Via GizmoWatch, thanks Vikas]

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