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ZigBee Alliance clears the way for new ZigBee PRO standard


The ZigBee wireless standard has already proven to be fairly successful in its current state, but it now looks like it'll soon be getting a boost, with the new and improved ZigBee PRO standard now apparently getting the all clear from the all-important ZigBee Alliance. Among other things, it supposedly improves the wireless technology's flexibility and ease of use, and adds a number of "advanced features," including support for larger wireless networks. While it appears to be all but a sure thing, the standard still has to go through the so-called "Golden Node" testing procedure, which focuses on interoperability between devices from different manufacturers. According Bob Gohn from Ember Corporation (a leading ZigBee firm), assuming all that goes as planned, the new platform should be ready for an official launch sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, although it's not clear when there might actually be some devices that take advantage of it.

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