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PS Fanboy Week in Review: 10/8 - 10/14


So, who won our week-long Star Wars Battlefront PSP giveaway? Well, here's the list of winners so far: Jonah P. from Joystiq, Silver R. from PS3 Fanboy, Joe from PSP Fanboy, and drinkdrink from PS3 Fanboy. These winners have already been contacted -- congrats to them! Now, check out some of this week's updates on PSF. This week, we're proud to feature four reviews, most of them great, one of them hilariously bad.

  • Everyday Shooter (PS3)
    "Everyday Shooter offers an unparalleled amount of depth for a downloadable title."
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (PSP)
    "Even with the disappointing slowdown, this game is a must-buy."
  • Folklore (PS3)
    "Folklore remains one of the more compelling experiences to be found on PS3."
  • Go! Sports Ski (PS3)
    "You get what you pay for. Go! Sports Ski is three dollars for a reason."
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