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TUAW Talkcast #10 online, #11 live tonight at 9 pm


We had a fun time on last Sunday's show, covering everything from the surge in higher-ed Mac purchasing to the insightful interview with Ambrosia's Andrew Welch with panelists Mat, Dave & Erica; now you can hear it in glorious, mostly-clear MP3 monophonic audio (there are some voice dropouts at the 22 minute mark, but it clears up after that). You can download the show directly, see it in our RSS or iTunes feeds, or stream it from Talkshoe.

Tonight we'll have Dave C. back along with Mike Schramm for a whirlwind review of the week that was, along with your Ask TUAW questions and comments. To join in live, visit our Talkshoe page for call-in info. You can also join the show in listen-only mode from any phone by calling (724) 444-7444 at 9 pm ET, entering the show ID (45077) and then pressing 1#. Hope to hear you there!

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