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WoW Moviewatch: The BurningWoW Staircase Event

Dan O'Halloran

This video has been around since Spring, but I'm pretty sure we haven't spotlighted it. It's a creative way to use a WoW private server. Instead of lining up raid bosses and making them do the Macarena, these players created an event.

They built a staircase in Azeroth a couple of miles high, allowed other players on to their private server, then had a race to the top. Let's just say not everyone made it to the top without falling. A very long way.

Check it out for a fun event that should be in the game.

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EDIT: I should add that while videos created on Private Servers are great fun to watch, playing or creating a Private Server is frowned on by Blizzard. And we don't recommend doing anything that might affect your game account with them.

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