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Decorative WoW soap bars

Mike Schramm

Manaprincess is at it again with the WoW crafts. I recently received my Horde ribbon magnet in the mail (and even though I had to sell my car because my new apartment doesn't have parking, I proudly display it on my fridge right next to the Warcraft magnets I got from BlizzCon), but she's opened up into a whole new realm of WoW crafting-- handmade decorative soaps.

In all fairness, I can't say this stuff appeals to me near as much-- it's hard to seem Horde-ly when you get excited about decorative soaps. But I can admire her dedication-- these are all homemade, and while Hearthstone keychains are nice, Hearthstone (and Soulstone and Healthstone) soaps are pretty cool, too. I can't get a hold on the scale, though-- are these tiny, or are they "life" sized?

And MP is enterprising as always-- she's got these on sale on her site for about $10 for two. If you really, really like decorative soaps (or just need a gift for a dirty WoW player), there you go.

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