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i-mate slots JAMA 101 and 201 below the Ultimates

Chris Ziegler

Remember the i-mate JAMA? Yeah, we don't really remember it either, but it looks like i-mate upped the specs on its JAMA 101 and 201 models just enough so that they might (emphasis on "might") get some notice the second time around. Designed to give the manufacturer a pair of lower-end options to balance out its Ultimate models, the two share an overwhelming majority of their respective spec sheets: 2 megapixel cams, triband GSM / EDGE radios without 3G or WiFi, 64MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM, microSD slots, and Windows Mobile 6 underpinning the whole mess. i-mate lists the 201 -- its Standard device with a QWERTY keypad -- as having a VGA screen, though we're skeptical since QVGA seems like a far more logical choice for a handset in this class. No word on availability yet, but we don't expect to see 'em stateside without GSM 850.

[Via the::unwired]

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