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Icahn still wants Motorola's handset biz spun off

Chris Ziegler

Most folks would take a failed executive board bid as a hint that their controversial opinions aren't welcome within earshot of the boardroom, wouldn't they? Maybe not. Investor, financier, outspoken individual, and rich dude Carl Icahn has once again spouted off about Motorola's business model, reiterating his stance that Moto's handset biz should be spun off and sold for something on the order of $10 billion. Compared side by side with the entirety of Nokia -- the world's largest mobile manufacturer -- it actually comes off sounding a little silly: Nokia's got a market capitalization hovering around $145 billion. Yes, that would value Motorola's phone operations at less than 8 percent of Nokia, which either makes Icahn sound like a fool, or Moto sound like it has a lot of work to do if it plans to recapture number two from Samsung.

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