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Mac BU posts Entourage 2008 details (finally)

Scott McNulty

Microsoft has been ramping up the hype machine for the coming release of Office for the Mac 2008. They've set up a special website, been talking to bloggers, and posting lots of information about the coming changes. One glaring omission from information bombardment was Entourage 2008. It was a little suspicion, but it looks like the Mac BU is finally ready to talk about Entourage.

The latest post on Mac Mojo is all about calendaring in Entourage, and I must say Entourage 2008 looks like a huge improvement over Entourage 2004. The UI looks much better, and best of all the features seem to be on par with Outlook.

Head on over to read the details about managing meeting requests, making sure you don't lose track of invites, and more.

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